GCD - Part 2

Info - Project 5

by Bo Xu

40 Hours


Christian Marclay's Clock has really inspired me. In this film he managed to match up the time/clock from different scenes with the time in the real world. So I thought I could record how people manage to spend their times and record what is the difference between everybody.


Still from Christian Marclay’s The Clock 


How do people spend their time?


For this project I considered how people spend their time, by ask random strangers to take pictures of 4 hours later, so the result is really likely end up with different responses(depending on what time).


One Hour Circle Painting

clock, 60 different colours of spray paint

The clock is hung on the gallery wall at head height. 60 different visitors to the gallery are individually given the following instruction: Select one can of spray paint. Spray one complete circle around the perimeter of the clock in an uninterrupted clockwise circular motion following the ticking second hand of the clock as a metronome/guide. Your circle must take 60 seconds to paint, at 15 seconds the circle should be a quarter complete and at 30 seconds the painting should be half way. Start and end at the 12 o’clock position, do not lift your finger off the spray can nozzle until the circle is complete, don’t worry too much if your line overlaps the previous persons line.

Each circle adds to the growing set of concentric rings. The combined set represents a combined painting duration of exactly one hour.



How do people spend their free time?

People enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities in Britain.

A recent Euro stat survey, the EU's statistical office, discovered that people in Britain spend about 45% of their free time watching television, 24% of their free time socializing, 22-23% on sport and hobbies, and 10% on other activities. Other popular leisure activities are listening to the radio, listening to pre-recorded music, reading, DIY, gardening, eating out and going to the cinema.


The most common leisure activity in the UK is watching television. The average viewing time is 25 hours per person per week. Almost all households have at least one television set. In 1999, 13% of households had satellite television and 9% cable television. Many television programmes are about wildlife, animals, holidays, cooking and gardening. All these things are much cherished by British people.


People in Britain listen to an average 15 hours and 50 minutes of radio each week. 


The second most popular activity in Britain is visiting or entertaining friends or relations.


Britons made 123 million visits to the cinema in 1998 making it the most popular cultural activity in the UK.

Eating out

Eating out has grown in popularity, with British people spending in 1999 an average of £5.63 per person per week on food (excluding alcohol) outside the home.


Homes and Gardens

The British are known as a nation of gardeners. Most people have a garden on their property. Gardening has been a popular pastime since Roman times.Many people in Britain are proud of their houses and gardens. They want their houses and gardens to look nice. Every town in Britain has one or more DIY centres and garden centres. These are like supermarkets for the home and garden. These places are very popular with British home-owners at the weekends.


Saturday is traditionally the day for shopping and watching sports.

A newspaper survey found that 20 per cent of women are compulsive shoppers.

Saturday is the main day when they go shopping. Sometimes they will go into town after school.

Sports and Physical Recreation

Sports and physical recreation have always been popular. Local governments provide cheap sport and leisure facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, parks and gold courses. People go to watch other people play sports like football or take part in sports themselves.


Going to the pub is the most popular leisure activity outside the home. 





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